Thursday, November 22, 2012

Regaining Your Rep

One of the blogs that we recommend and regularly follow is CyberSlammed.  When reading CyberSlammed's November 8th blog post, we learned that when it comes to addressing the question "Where do I start?" when dealing with an incident of cyber bullying, CyberSlammed recommends the no-nonsense approach taken by

Regain Your Name was created by a reputation management consultant who had previously worked in education, and was a victim of cyber stalking and harassment who knew first-hand what would and wouldn’t achieve the removal of bullying material on the Internet. Drawing on experience of e-safety in education, cyber bullying and social media marketing, they offer advice to individuals, schools and anti-bullying advocates based on our considerable experience in this field. All of their eBook and video material stems from real examples of removing grossly offensive material on the web. All of their free advice is based on strategies they’ve already seen work.

Apart from their online services, they also offer training solutions, speakers for conference events, schools and educational workshops.

We encourage you to visit the CyberSlammed website, the CyberSlammed blog, and to learn more about how you can support victims of cyber bullying and reduce your own risk of becoming a victim.

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